Complaints procedure

Below is our procedure for submitting a complaint and an explanation of how any such complaint will be handled.

The complaints procedure’s objective

The objective of our complaints procedure is to:

  • Resolve your complaint to everyone’s satisfaction.
  • Learn from the complaint and where necessary make the appropriate improvements in our organisation.

How do you submit a complaint?

You can bring a complaint to our attention in two ways:

  • By e-mail or post addressed to Mr Jeroen Duivis AA.
  • By email to your account manager.

In both ways we can act fast and efficiently if you use of our complaint registration form.

How do we handle your complaint?

After receiving the complaint you can expect within five working days:

  • A reaction by phone or in writing dealing with your complaint, or
  • Written confirmation acknowledging receipt of your complaint.

An acknowledged complaint will be dealt with within ten working days.

What happens next?

We work on the premise that we can find an appropriate solution to your complaint and that this will enable us to further optimise the services we offer you.

Still not satisfied?

In the event that you still have questions regarding your complaint or there remains some unclarity, then please put this in writing to the PYXIS management.

You can address your correspondence to:

PYXIS Accountants & Belastingadviseurs BV
For the attention of the Management
Huizerweg 4
1402 AA Bussum