We are only satisfied with our quality when you confirm that it was indeed the quality you expected. If despite all our best efforts there is something you are not satisfied with, then please do not hesitate to let us know.


Continuous striving for improvement

If for whatever reason you feel that you have not been heard, then there are various options and regulations in place:

  • our complaints procedure
  • our whistle-blowing procedure

Our complaints procedure

Every day we do our utmost to deliver excellent work. In the event of something going awry we will investigate thoroughly to identify the root of any complaint. If you believe our services have not met with the required standard, then please inform us of your concerns via our complaints procedure.

Our whistle-blowing procedure

PYXIS strongly values its good name. We believe it is vital that employees and third parties feel able to report any suspicion of irregularities taking place in or by our offices in an efficient and secure manner. To comply with Dutch Accountancy Organisations regulations, PYXIS is obliged to place on its website a whistle-blowing procedure which covers the PYXIS offices.

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Review us on Whitfieldd

To enhance our quality care, we greatly value your opinion of our services. PYXIS seeks to be a learning organisation and to this end we have in place a policy of adjusting our services based on our clients’ reviews. Writing a review will only take a few moments of your time and it will help us considerably.