About us

PYXIS Accountants en Belastingadviseurs BV ensures you the space and time to concentrate your focus on your enterprise’s primary pursuits. We are able to do this by taking care of your entire regular financial and tax affairs and at a fixed rate per month.

Strategic collaboration, your added value

Added value is created by together looking at your personal ambitions, along with your business plans’ timeline, and linking these with a systematic approach to improvement, based on your enterprise’s key result determining factors.

PYXIS as a compass

PYXIS considers your company’s admin as a deep well of information which can provide a accurate compass for your entrepreneurship. Working in tandem we will analyse and set out the financial strategy for your enterprise, organisation or (sports) club.

An established organisation in the ’t Gooi, Eem- en Flevoland regions

The knowledge and expertise of two regional offices were pooled in 2012 to become PYXIS.

  • Stolp & Fennis Registeraccountants, Almere
    Robert J.J. Fennis RA RE and Jeroen Duivis AA, established 1993
  • Reijer Hekelaar & Associates, Naarden
    Reijer Hekelaar RB, established 1995

The added value created by the merger directly benefits your organisation, whilst the new company from the moment of its inception was able to offer a wider range of services.

Our clients

PYXIS works for entrepreneurs, organisations and clubs in the ‘t Gooi, Eem- en Flevoland regions. Our clients make a positive choice for proactive short term direction, based on long term objectives.