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As an entrepreneur your principal focus is on running your business. If you take on or employ staff, then payroll admin will form an integral part of this.

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Tax legislation and regulations continuously change. Proper processing of the payroll admin is a complex and time consuming exercise. So why not outsource your payroll admin to PYXIS? Our team is always available to receive your enquiry and discuss your options!

Regular wages/salaries processing

Payroll tax returns

Wage/salaries subsidies

Employment legislation

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If you are interested in outsourcing your payroll admin, or if you wish to receive more information regarding this subject, then please complete one of the contact forms below. If this is the first time you will outsource your payroll admin, fill in the form on the left. Use the form on the right if you wish to transfer your affairs to us.

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  • Michaela Klopman – Hofman  RPP
  • Carl Grim

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