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This disclaimer applies to the use of (parts of) the website by a website visitor.

The objective and use of the website

The website aims to acquaint the website visitor with PYXIS Accountants and Tax Consultants, acting under the name of PYXIS Adviseurs Fiscalisten Accountants (referred to as PYXIS). By using the website, the website visitor is able to find out about PYXIS’s products and services, as well as information regarding the PYXIS organisation and its activities. The website visitor is only permitted to use (parts of) the website, the website’s content or information acquired from the website for personal use and not for commercial objectives or gain.

Rights referring to (parts of) the website

The website visitor is not permitted to use the PYXIS name and/or logo in any way or form, for whatever purpose other than in direct relation to visiting or consulting the website. The rights relating to (all parts of) the website – including the layout, pictorial elements, text, images, etc – and all publications that can be accessed through the website or which can be ordered via the website – including brochures, articles, newsletters, etc -, are exclusively the property of PYXIS, insofar as these rights are not (also) the property of third parties.

The website visitor is not permitted to edit or copy (parts of) the website or publications in any manner or form or for whatever purpose without prior written permission from PYXIS. The website visitor is only permitted to use (parts of) the website and publications for personal use and not for commercial objectives or gain.

The aim of the website

The aim of the website is to inform, as well as to enable PYXIS to offer activities for the benefit of the website visitor. The SRA’s Terms and Conditions used by PYXIS apply to all assignments awarded to PYXIS Accountants en Belastingadviseurs BV.

The website’s content

PYXIS aims to maintain and keep the website’s content up to date. However, after a given period or at the moment the website visitor consults the website, PYXIS cannot guarantee that the content of (parts of) the website will be correct, complete or current. Consequently, PYXIS accepts no responsibility for the results of actions or omissions based on the content of the website. Therefore, it is recommended that you contact one of our PYXIS accountants or consultants if information extracted from the website gives reason to do so.

The website’s workings

PYXIS strives to keep (all parts of) this website accessible at all times, however PYXIS cannot guarantee that it will be accessible under all circumstances and at all times (and in all parts). Therefore, PYXIS accepts no responsibility for the consequences of the website visitor not (timely) being able to visit nor for not being able to (fully) refer to this website. PYXIS has no influence on the (telecommunication or data communication) means and/or the (computer) systems used to search or give access to the website, therefore PYXIS accepts no responsibility for the results of possible errors occurring during a visit or referral to the website, or when requesting quotations, seeking contact, entering orders or sending in job applications via the website. Among other things the website contains links to other websites and, vice versa, this website can be visited via links included in other websites. The websites which can be visited via the PYXIS website, and respectively the websites from where the PYXIS website can be visited, have not been arranged by PYXIS, nor are they maintained by PYXIS. PYXIS therefore accepts no responsibility for the content of these websites. As far as reasonably possible, PYXIS strives to maintain its website free from hazardous issues (‘viruses’) which may affect computer equipment or programs. However, PYXIS cannot guarantee that the website remains free of all such concerns and therefore accepts no responsibility for issues which may influence computer equipment or programs as a result of visiting or referring to (parts of) the website.

Data traffic via the website

The website offers the website visitor the opportunity of requesting a quotation tailored to his or her individual circumstances. However, PYXIS has no control over the electronic data traffic between the sending equipment and receiving equipment, therefore data delivered via the website is accepted entirely at the individual website visitor’s risk.

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