PYXIS Online will give you direct access to all the applications which make working with our team of accountants an easy and efficient process. We will of course also regularly discuss progress with you during a personal meeting.

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Outsourcing, a true advantage

If you are interested in outsourcing your admin, or if you wish to receive more information regarding this subject, then please complete one of the contact forms below. If this is the first time you will outsource your admin, fill in the form on the left. Use the form on the right if you wish to transfer your affairs to us.


  • Jeroen Duivis AA CPA
  • Marian Duurland AA CPA
  • Timo Sasabone
  • Juliën van Dorp
  • Zinzi van der Veen
  • Jet de Rijcke
  • Martijn van Houten
    (not on the photo)

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