Business consultation

We use the Management Kompas System® for sound structural business advice. This is a management information system in the entrepreneur’s language. It crunches numbers into information and as an SME business entrepreneur you will acquire clarifying insights, improved awareness and, quite rapidly, better results.

A sophisticated framework of services

We can advise and guide you in growing your enterprise’s results with increasing intensity going forward:

1st Orientation session

3-day business screening

Planning and monitoring

Interim management

Grip, steering and increased profit

It is often said that a pair of fresh eyes will provide a different perspective. This is indeed what happens when we launch a consultancy process with you. By working methodically and offering you measurable tools we can ensure that you obtain the appropriate insights and instruments to improve and accelerate your enterprise’s business results.

Practical proven approach

Our approach is based on structured thinking, advice and work. We started offering business advice to a small section of our clients at the beginning of 2017. In the course of this year we will commence with sharing our experiences.

Can we assist you?

Please contact us to discover how our business advice can benefit you; Jeroen Duivis or Marian Duurland look forward to hearing from you.

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Guidance based on business advice

A fresh pair of eyes

If you are interested in improving efficiency in your organisation, or would like to know more about this subject, then please complete the contact form below.

Business consultants

  • Marian Duurland AA CPA
  • Jeroen Duivis AA CPA