Whistle-blowing procedure

PYXIS strongly values its good name. We believe it is vital that employees and third parties feel able to report any suspicion of irregularities taking place in or by our offices in an efficient and secure manner.

The sector association guidelines

To comply with Dutch Accountancy Organisations regulations, PYXIS is obliged to place on its website a whistle-blowing procedure which covers the PYXIS offices.

The whistle-blowing procedure’s objective

The whistle-blowing procedure’s objective is to:

  • Offer an opportunity to support us in maintaining our integrity.
  • Offer those who suspect any form of irregularity taking place to report this anonymously and without personal consequences.

How do you blow the whistle on something?

  • There are two ways of letting us know about your suspicions:You can send an e-mail to our confidential adviser: Jeroen Duivis AA.
  • Employees can report suspicions directly to their manager or they can also opt for the above route.

Please use our formulier Onregelmatigheidsmelding.

How will your report be handled?

Once we have your report you will receive a written confirmation of its receipt from the confidential adviser. Within 20 working days of receiving the report the confidential adviser will inform you in writing of the company’s viewpoint regarding the reported suspicion.

Please peruse the volledige klokkenluidersregeling as set out in Article 32 of the Dutch Accountancy Organisations regulations.